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Concorde Design
Concorde Design was created to not only introduce innovative concepts of office furniture but also to serve as the premier office furniture supplier in Singapore. If you are looking for system furniture, Concorde Design offers a full range of office solutions to clients looking for top of the line equipment to suit every space from office suites to residential spaces. Concorde Design acts as the exclusive office furniture supplier Singapore offering affordable items that include:

Office Desks
Thinking of working from home or updating your current office desk? Our office desk range is of the finest quality and consists of a wide array of traditional, modern and impressive executive designs that can suit different work styles.

Height Adjustable Tables
Whether there is a need for height adjustability for personal use or for use in an office setting, Concorde Design has your back. Our height adjustable table in Singapore is simply divine and designed with your comfort and health in mind.

Office Steel Cabinet
A high-quality office steel cabinet in Singapore is a vital component for any successful business operation. Our smart storage solutions will provide neat storage and security to ensure that all your confidential documents and office valuable are stowed away safely. All our office steel cabinets are made with high-quality metal materials and are protected with stiffeners and equipped with tamper free lock mechanism.